Friday, December 24, 2010

Just wanted to sneak in a few words ‘til I sign off for vaca.

I started this blog mostly because I was burnt out, to put it frankly. I design stuff for a living, and it can be pretty intense at times, as “fun” a job as it sounds. And often times I find being in the company of the people and pets I love most enjoyable. My cats have always been a source of entertainment and comfort for me. They are my best friends (because none of my people friends invite me for dinner anymore. Haha!). And I often find myself doodling them. You would think that having another thing to illustrate would be stressful. It is actually the opposite. I look forward to making each comic for this blog, and I wish I had more time to post one every day instead of one to two times a week.

What I found interesting is that I get to meet a LOT of you cat people. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going crazy because some people think that I’m too obsessed with my cats. There are so many of you who take a bit of time to share your stories with me through email, through comments and through FB. It’s makes me feel good to know that many of you love cats as much as I do. So yay! I’m not the only person whose cat sleeps on her face, or “walks” her cat in the yard or lets her cat drink from her cupped hands under a trickling faucet!

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas! See you next week.


Yasmine, Victor, Shelley, Money, Wonky Kitten, Puppy

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